Prayer Concerns: Pastor David & Liz Klappenbach, Gene Sernett, Jerry Runneberg, Lila Hinners, Carol Schmidt, Denny Waters, Dan Orwig, Harlan Johnsen, Gloria Bell, Charity Madsen, Jessica Walberg, Adam Hasko, Pastor Tom Summerfield, Bev Sonksen, Cenon Zarzoso, Marlene Hotchkiss, Bill Edmonds, Patricia Bentsen. Our youth, parents & teachers, our military & missionaries.

Lectors: Becky Baker
Ushers: May 26 - Dean & Eloise Armstrong
June 2 - Tom & Elaine Anderson
Acolytes: Bethany Youth

Weekly Budget Needs: $2530.00
Faith Promise $ 499.00 Worship 42
Sunday School $ 11.00 Youth SS 11
Potluck $ 55.00

Birthday: 26 - Dorothy Sandvig; 27 - Margaret Nomann

Hand Bell Rehearsal - August ~ 7:00 PM

Emergency contact information:
In the case of an emergency or are in need of a visit/call, please contact Pastor David Klappenbach
at 419-603-8350 (cell), 712-841-2181 (church), 712-841-2532 (parsonage).

Wednesday, May 29th ~ LM 8th Grade Graduation ~ 7:00 PM ~ old gym

MAY: Altar Guild = Shirley Kruse & Eloise Armstrong
Fellowship = May 26 - John & Marci Runneberg, Shirley McKiernan, Doug & Becky Baker

POPPIES: The poppies on the lectern are in honor of those who have served and are serving our country. Without them we would not have the religious freedoms we are enjoying today. Thank a soldier/veteran today!

Thank you so much for the cards, prayers, phone calls, & visits while I was in The Marian Health Center. It was much appreciated. Carol Schmidt

JUNE: Altar Guild = Rich & Marilyn Ehlers
Fellowship = June 2 - Becky Braesch, Shirley McKiernan
= June 9 - Becky Braesch, Shirley McKiernan, Ken & Pat Boughey
= June 16 - Becky Braesch, Shirley McKiernan
= June 23 - Becky Braesch, Shirley McKiernan, Ken & Pat Boughey
= June 30 - Ken & Pat Boughey, Shirley McKiernan, Dorothy Smith

*June 2 ~ 3:30 PM ~ Pastor David Klappenbach's Installation Service at Bethany

*June 3-7 ~ VBS 2019 from 8:30-11:30 AM with opening & closing here at Bethany. Final Program will be on June 7 at 11:30 AM at Bethany.

*June 9 ~ Day of Pentecost ~ We encourage all to wear RED to honor the Holy Spirit ~ Our missionary, Patricia Bentsen will be with us to share her ministry.

*June 19 ~ 4:00-6:00 PM ~ Card Making Class at Bethany

The Pocahontas Community Hospital Hospice will be offering a Grief Support Group for anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one.

The compassionate educational discussions will be held Wednesdays, starting May 1 through
May 29, 2019, at 3:00 p.m. at the Pocahontas Community Hospital Conference Room.

Sessions are confidential and there is no charge for attending. Please call
Rachel Olson, LBSW, at 335-3430 to register.

*May 19 ~ The Children's Sunday School will finish the school year with a program during the
worship service. Don't miss this special event.
~ We will also honor our high school, & college graduates that day & serve donuts during
coffee fellowship. HS graduate, Preston Klappenbach; College graduates,
Sami Hudson & Brooke Runneberg
~ Please stay after worship for our last Potluck for this spring.

9:00 AM Worship & 10:00 AM Coffee Fellowship

*May 27 ~ 9:00 AM ~ Memorial Day Program at the Laurens Cemetery

*June 2 ~ 3:30 PM ~ Pastor David Klappenbach's Installation Service at Bethany

*June 3-7 ~ VBS 2019 from 8:30-11:30 AM with opening & closing here at Bethany.

*June 9 ~ Day of Pentecost ~ We encourage all to wear RED to honor the Holy Spirit ~ Our missionary, Patricia Bentsen will be with us to share her ministry.

Thank you Bethany members for your generous support at our BBQ Fundraiser held on Sunday, April 28th, with your time, labor, food & donations. You provided families with hope for the future! Our attendance was 53 people and donations equaled $696.21. Including Thrivent Funds, a total of $829 will be sent by Bethany's check to LWR!! WOW!! The decision by the committee was made to use these funds for a "Herd of 13 animals; 2 smokeless cookstoves; a "lasting source of milk & eggs (goats, hens, chicks)"; plus $9 shipping fees. (Please see photos on bulletin board.) God Blessed our endeavor with many willing workers, their time, & their energy. THANK YOU to each of you who in anyway made this fundraiser a successful labor of love! A special THANK YOU to John & Marci Runneberg for being the chef and donating the meat! DELICIOUS! Each & everyone of you is appreciated! Thanks again & God's Blessings, the Growth & Sharing Committee

Linda Galbraith, Liz Klappenbach, & Shirley Pedersen met Monday, April 29th. We welcomed Liz to our committee with new ideas & thoughts for our committee. Our main focus was the expenditure of the $829 received April 28th. See that decision above. First, we packed 102 bars of soap (plus 8 bars in kits). We weighed the 5 boxes, which will be delivered to Spencer on Saturday, May 4th. These boxes contain 8 school bags, 2 baby kits, & the soap. In August/September, we plan to collect school supplies for Laurens-Marathon School. November/December will be the Adopt-a-Family UDMO Program. Perhaps, a mitten/hat tree. Later this year, will be discussions on 2020 projects.

May 19, 2019

Nursery, Preschool & First Grade: Jens, Isabella & Raelyn Johnsen
Teachers for Nursery-First Grade: Linda Bieri, Tammy Oxenreider, Jean Swanson, Becky Braesch

High School: Shawn Oxenreider, Elizabeth Runneberg, Cole Runneberg, Riley Oxenreider, Ethan Runneberg

Music: Marilyn Ehlers & Shirley McKiernan
Sunday School Leader: Linda Bieri

As we close the Sunday school year, we recognize the following students for attendance pins:
Raelyn Johnsen: 3 year pin
Isabella Johnsen: 2 year pin
***This means the student missed three or less Sundays this school year!!!
Congratulations to these dedicated students and their parents!

A special recognition to Jens Johnsen: The end of March, Jens started Sunday School as a three year old and has attended faithfully the last seven Sundays!
A special thank you to Rich Ehlers for his singing and guitar leadership throughout the year!
We are always grateful when we can call on
Shawn Oxenreider, Elizabeth Runneberg, Riley Oxenreider, Ethan Runneberg for reinforcements!

ALTAR FLOWERS: The flowers on the altar were given by Gail Olson in memory of friends and family.

Thank you to Rich Ehlers for leading our worship today while Pastor David is recovering.

We honor and congratulate our high school, & college graduates today.
HS graduate: Preston Klappenbach
College graduates: Sami Hudson & Brooke Runneberg.

Cards for Carol Schmidt: New address for Bill Edmonds:
Carol Schmidt Bill Edmonds
C/O Machelle Sunner C/O Pleasant View Care Center
2351 Elm Street 200 Shannon Drive, RM 410
Fort Dodge, IA 50501 Whiting, IA 51063

April giving goal: $10,000.00
April giving: $5,003.85
Year-to-date goal: $42,500.00
Year-to-date giving: $32,509.00
SHORT: $9991.00

Thrivent Choice Dollars: The Thrivent Choice program is a charitable grant program and a benefit of membership that encourages members of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans to help direct a portion of Thrivent Financial's charitable funding to causes important to them. The funds that Bethany receives from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans this year are called Thrivent Choice Dollars. The amount Bethany receives is determined by individual members of Thrivent who direct the dollars credited to them to Bethany. These funds were formerly called the supplemental funds.

Request to Provide Altar Flowers for 2019

If you wish to provide altar flowers for church during 2019, please complete this form.
Please place it in the offering plate or mail it to:
Bertha Olson, 521 E. Main St. #108, Laurens, IA 50554 Thank you.

Name of person providing flowers:
Date desired:
Do you want to provide flowers on this same date from year to year? yes no
Information needed for Sunday bulletin:
Altar Flowers in Loving Memory of:
Or Altar Flowers
Please contact Bertha Olson, 841-4394, if you have any questions.

"Like Bethany Lutheran Church-Laurens on Facebook"
Love to sew? Backpacks are needed to be sewn. We have the material. For details, patterns, etc., please contact Shirley Pedersen at 841-7058.

Located in the Laurens United Methodist Church (Use West Alley Door)
The Food Pantry is CLOSED the FIRST Monday of each month and Thanksgiving Day and other holidays that fall on Monday and Thursday.

Items needed for the Laurens Area Food Pantry:
We are in need of: tomato, vegetable, chicken noodle, and cream of chicken/mushroom soups, pork & beans, mandarin oranges, pineapple, carrots, green beans, corn, canned chicken/tuna, sugar, flour, pancake mix, syrup, toilet tissue, laundry detergent, hand & body soap, dish soap, toothpaste, and shampoo. Please put your donations in the shopping cart under the stairs in the Educational Unit (use West Door) of the Laurens United Methodist Church.
Cash donations are also very much appreciated and can be sent to Thaine Hopkins, 526 W Arthur St., Laurens, IA 50554. Thank you for your generosity and continued support!

Monthly Banner emails
If you would like to receive the monthly banner via email or you have signed up to receive it through email and are not receiving it. Please contact the office to let them know. Thank you.

Devotional Books: There are regular & large print copies of the devotional books, "Christ In Our Home" on the small table in the fellowship hall. Please help yourself to one or if you know of someone who would appreciate one.

Each month the NALC Newsletter has many interesting articles. There is always one copy of the newsletter posted in the fellowship hall for anyone to read or you may go to the newsletter online at for the current edition.

If you are interested in joining Bethany Lutheran Church by transfer or other means, please contact the church at 712-841-2181 so arrangements may be set-up and discussed.

Bethany would like to encourage members to send their email addresses OR new addresses if you have not already done so. The goal is to have a directory of email addresses on the computer at church so that we can utilize email for communication more frequently as time passes. Bethany's email:

Iowa Mission District Newsletter: There are always copies located in the fellowship hall for anyone to take.

New Address ~ College Students: Please let the church office know the new addresses for your college students. You can either call the church or leave a note in the secretary's file box across from the Pastor's office or email the church at

Secretary Hours: 9:00-12:00 Tuesday and Friday. If you have announcements for the bulletin or Banner, there is a hanging file cabinet outside pastor's office to put them in. Or you may e-mail them to